Acrasia: the state of mind in which one behaves contrary to their own better judgment, possibly through a weakness of will.  Socrates thought such behavior was impossible.  Some of us (well, Tim and I) have found it is not. 

   Currently a 3-piece group, consisting of Tim Sommer on guitar and about anything else, Monica Pollard on piano, and Ken Pollard on fiddle, we play Scottish and American folk music and regularly play for the Boise Contra Dance Society dances.  We are available for dances, weddings, and parties.  Contact Ken Pollard by e-mail or at (208) 466-3633.

Boise contra-dancers swinging to our music.  Photo by Monica Pollard.

We have for the past few years played a St. Andrews Day service at the First United Congregational Church in Boise, whose pastors have strong Scottish roots.  We really enjoy playing there, with the opportunity to play a variety of tunes.

St. Andrews Service photos courtesy of

Bob Newell.

Upcoming Acrasian Gigs

08 April 2017. Boise Contra Dance Society, live music by the Acrasians.  7:30 pm new dancer orientation, 8-10:30 pm dancing.  Broadway Dance Center, 893 East Boise Avenue, Boise.  $8, $6, $3.

15 April 2017.   Contra dance.  Palouse Folklore Society. 1912 Community Center, Moscow, Idaho.  Calling by Pat Blatter, music by the Acrasians.  7:30 pm

Ready to play for the 5th Annual Victorian Ball, 24 March 2013, sponsored by the Idaho Civil War Volunteers.  Photo courtesy of Ellen Knapp, Spirit Horse Images, Emmett Idaho.

Playing at the Kilted Dragon in Garden City, Idaho, for Tartan Day, 06 April 2013.  Photos courtesy of Bob Young.

Thistle & Ghillies Scottish Country Dance Club, photo by Monica Pollard.

October, 2014.

Left to right: Ken Pollard, Tim Sommer, Bill Elmer

Photo source: Idaho Renaissance Faire.

Playing the Farmers Market in Eagle, Idaho.  August 2015

Nampa Farmers Market, 03 October 2015.